Audio Factory is a distributor of high-end audio equipment and accessories in the GCC region. The company offers a diverse range of products sourced from leading global audio manufacturers. Focusing on delivering quality sound solutions, Audio Factory showcases a variety of brands within the audio industry, including Aurender, B.Audio, Ferrum Audio, Fezz Audio, Martin Logan, Zappiti, and others.
The company is dedicated to providing robust customer support, efficiently handling inquiries and offering assistance. In addition, Audio Factory provides warranty support for its range of products. Customers are encouraged to explore Audio Factory's selection of audio products.
The team is available to guide customers in selecting audio solutions that align with their needs. Emphasizing quality, reliability, and customer service, Audio Factory strives to meet the expectations of its clientele.
Audio Factory
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Audio Note Dubai is the exclusive distributor of Audio Note UK in the UAE. We represent several boutique high-end audio brands under the trade name ‘High-End Dubai.’ Audio Note UK crafts equipment for the ultimate music reproduction, using the finest materials in turntables, CD players, amplifiers, and loudspeakers. Our handcrafted products cater to both affluent audiophiles and those with modest means. 'High-End Dubai' is a community of audio enthusiasts, committed to quality and customer satisfaction, focusing on select brands for in-depth expertise.
Audio Note
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Crestron builds the technology that makes smart homes intelligent. After decades of leading the smart home category, no other company is better positioned to deliver the success dealers want and the experience clients demand. With Crestron Home, homeowners get all the products, experience, security, and performance that Crestron technology promises to every aspect of every home. Crestron DM NVX and NAX solutions elevate and simplify entertainment everywhere in the home.
Smart Home exposition
Dubai Audio is your personal guide through the often-complex technology that creates the best sound. As a pioneer in the industry, we bring cutting-edge home entertainment solutions to the UAE and the Middle East. From the finest stereo listening to state-of-the-art multi-channel home theater systems and portable audio, our unparalleled product offering delivers pure, uncompromising sound
Dubai Audio
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Galtech Trading is the premier distributor of residential and commercial audio-visual products in the Middle East, representing 18 leading brands
Galtech Trading
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At High-End Dubai, we don't just sell products - we create experiences. Offering a curated selection of products from boutique audio brands We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and fostering long-term relationships with our clients.
High-End Dubai
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KNX offers a comprehensive and future-proof solution for controlling and integrating various systems, in smart homes and commercial buildings including lighting, heating, security, and many more. Enhanced comfort, energy efficiency, and convenience are achieved through the centralized control of all connected devices. KNX's open protocol allows for a wide range of products from different manufacturers to communicate and work with each other seamlessly, ensuring flexibility and scalability.
Smart Home exposition
Minara is a distribution company based in Dubai, UAE. It represents category leading high-end Audio Video, Home Automation brands in the Middle East.
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Pult Electronics is an international retail chain that specializes in selling home and professional audio and video equipment, including vinyl and a wide variety of accessories. For almost 20 years we have held a leading position in the market of home and commercial electronics. We offer you a rich choice of High Fidelity audio devices, studio equipment, professional DJ media players and turntables, monitors, headphones and all you ever needed to boost your creativity.
Pult Electronics
Qualia distributes an extensive range of high-end audio products and wearables throughout the Middle East and North Africa region, catering to the lifestyle, home and business needs and requirements of individuals and organizations in the region
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RAW Music Store
Raw Music Store is Dubai's premier destination for audiophiles, music lovers and vinyl enthusiasts. Their extensive collection features the latest in home audio technology including high-fidelity systems, turntables and headphones.
Beyond audio, Raw Music Store prides itself as the region's leading Vinyl Record Store offering a varied selection of vintage used records spanning all musical genres, alongside new releases from renowned labels.
Raw Music Store, also provides technical support, audio repair services and custom AV installs for both residential and commercial spaces that require quality sound and musicality.
With top brands and expert service, Raw Music Store is the one-stop shop for all things vinyl and HiFi, catering to both seasoned collectors and newcomers.
Raw Music Store
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